Thursday, 6 September 2012

Herbs, Garlic & Cheese Bread

This Bread is made with herbs, garlic and cheese. I used in this recipe natural cheddar cheese and fragrant with basil, parsley, oregano and finely chopped garlic. You can eat this bread with Butter or any cream cheese spread. The aroma will make it impossible to wait enjoy.

Flour - 250gms
Yeast - 10gms
Sugar - 15gms
Salt - 7gms
Butter - 15gms
Water - 150ml 
Oregano - 1/2tsp
Basil - 1/2 tsp (fresh/dry)
Chopped Parsley - 1tsp
 (You don’t have these herbs at home you can use only Italian seasoning)
Other Ingredients:
Cheddar Cheese - 50gms (or any grated cheese)
Garlic - 2Tbsp (finely chopped)

Baking Temp: 200 ° C
Baking Time:  40 minutes
1.     Roll the dough tightly.
2.     Do not forget to sprinkle water & brush with milk.
3.     Tray should be greased.
4.     Dough should not be over proved.


1.     Dissolve yeast and sugar in a warm water, leave a side for 5minutes.
2.     Sieve the flour and make well in the centre.
3.     Pour the yeast mixture and mix adding enough water to form soft dough.
4.     Knead till smooth and soft.
5.     Cream butter and salt & rub into the dough & knead once again.
6.     Leave the dough to prove under a muslin cloth for until it double size.
7.     When sufficiently proved knock it down add in oregano, basil, half the chopped garlic, grated cheese and parsley.
8.     Knead the dough till all ingredients evenly distributed and allow the dough to prove again.
9.     When proved knock it down & shape it into a loaf & put on a well greased tray.   Cover the tray with a muslin cloth and allow it to prove.
10. When sufficiently proved brush with milk wash sprinkle over the remaining cheese and finely chopped garlic & Parsley and finally sprinkle water.
11. Bake as specified.
12.  When done remove and brush with melted butter.



tamilsasikitchen said...

Looks Too Yummy....Love it...

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Mouth watering.

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Too good..........yummy:)

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