Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fried Ice-Cream

This is a unique dessert and when served in a party your guest’s will get blown away and ask you how did you ever fry the ice cream without it melting down, this dessert will surely be a show stopper in your party menu.  This dish uses very few ingredients but takes a lot of a patience and care to make a slight miss and things can go out of hand.  For me this is my daughter’s favourite dessert so I regularly make it for her.  If you try it once, you make it again and again.


Ice-Cream - 4 Cups (Large)
Strawberry Flavoured Corn Flacks - 50 gms (Powdered)
Marie Biscuits - 8No’s (Powdered)
Egg - 1 No’s
Milk - 1 tbsp
Oil - To deep fry


1.     Set your freezer to the lowest temperature to give you the maximum cooling.
2.     Take a steel tray or plate and line it with butter paper and keep it in the freezer for cooling for about an hour.
3.     Demould the Ice-Cream and place it on the butter paper lined steel tray/plate and put back in the freezer for 1 hour.
4.     Put the strawberry flavoured corn flakes in a grinder and make into powder keep aside.
5.     Put the biscuits in the grinder make into powder keep aside.
6.     Break the egg in a bowl put in the milk beat lightly and keep aside.

Note:-  Vegetarians can use white flour and milk batter instead of the egg and milk batter.

7.     Remove the frozen Ice-Cream form the freezer and roll it in the corn flakes mixture till evenly coating it from all sides need to work quickly and keep it back in the freezer for an hour.
8.     Remove the corn flakes coated Ice-Cream from the freezer working quickly dip the Ice-Cream in the egg mixture and remove and quickly coat it with powdered biscuits keep back in the freezer for half an hour.
9.     Again dry coat the Ice-Cream with powdered biscuits and keep in the freezer for 2 hours till very hard to touch.
10. In a sauce pan put in the oil and heat it till very hot and test the same by putting in a piece of bread in it, the bread should turn brown in about 3 to 4 sec discard the bread.
11.In the hot oil add the biscuit coated Ice-Cream and fry for just 10-12 seconds till the outer cover is brown, remove and serve immediately with any sauce of your choice or just dust it with icing sugar or cocoa powder.



Unknown said...

Mouth watering.

Unknown said...

Awesome, never tried this, needs lots of patience but would love to taste it.

Manjusfoodbites said...

Thanx Shweta.

Rekha said...

wow superb!!! never tried this before..awesome..

Unknown said...

liked your innovation.good clicks! glad to follow you

Divya A said...

Love this always :) Well prepared and loved your presentation dear :)
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Unknown said...

Hi Dear,
I am first time here, your dessert is tempting but i am pure vegetarian.
You can participate in my EVENT AND GIVEAWAY-SHOW ME YOUR DESSERT said...

awesum cliks n super delicious

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