Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Shahi Tukda


Shahi tukda is a Pakistani dessert it was introduced by the Moghuls made with sliced fried bread, condensed milk, sugar, nuts and flavored with saffron and cardamoms.  

It's truly a royal dessert. The word 'Shahi' means royal and 'Tukda' means piece. Thus, Shahi Tukra would be translated as Royal Morsel of this delicious dessert.


Bread - 1 Packet
Condense milk - 1 Tin
Milk - 3 Tbsp
Sugar - 6 Tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 Tsp
Saffron - Few strands
Oil - Deep fry
Chopped dry-fruits - 1/4 Cup
Water - 1 Cup


1.       Cut bread into two pieces and deep fry till light brown. Keep a side.
2.       Take water, sugar and saffron cook till sugar is dissolve, add cardamom powder mix well.
3.       In condense milk pour milk mix well (keep  the mixture a little thick).
4.       Dip the bread pieces in sugar syrup keep it in a plate, pour the condense milk on the bread pieces.
5.       Garnish with chopped dry fruits.


uma sagar said...

Its fantastic.

satya suma said...

gud idea......chala bagundi....
.........try telangana recepies like-chapala pulsu,mutton fry,meat balls-muttilu,etc

- suma hyd