Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hyderabadi Red Dry Chicken

This is quite a famous dish from Charminar area of Hyderabad, made by the cooks from that area serve as an accompaniment to the famous Hyderabadi Biryani.  But for me this dish goes very well as a starter.


Chicken (thigh pieces or curry cut) - 500gms
Ginger garlic paste - 1Tsp
Kashmiri red chilli powder - 1 Tsp
Turmeric - 1/4Tsp
Oil - 2 Tbsp
Tomato sauce - 2 Tbsp
Red Chilli sauce - 2 Tbsp
Tomato ketchup - 1 Tbsp
Curd - 3 Tbsp
Pepper - 1/4 Tsp
Vinegar – 2 Tbsp
Salt - To taste
Garam masala - 1/2 Tsp


1.     Marinate the chicken with all masalas (except oil) for 1 hour.
2.     Heat oil in a frying pan & add marinated chicken, cook on medium flame till the water evaporates,  then cook on a slow flame stirring occasionally till dry & the chicken is done.
3.     Garnish with lemon wedges and onion rings.
4.     Eaten best with Naan.

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